Zarolla Online Art Academy - An immersive online experience in art education that is based on traditional methods used by the masters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the videos on Zarolla?

At the moment, we do not offer downloads of our video files.

What is streaming?

The term "streaming" refers to files that are designed to play as they download without the need to complete the download before you begin playing it. These streaming files are specially encoded and delivered from high- performance streaming servers. The whole process is designed to let you enjoy more great, high-quality content faster. There are many streaming products on the Internet: music, videos, animations and more.

What time of the day are the classes and workshops held?

The LIVE class times are listed next to the class name. ON DEMAND classes are available 24 hours a day.

Are these on-demand, or am I required to be at my computer for a single opportunity to participate in the broadcast?

Classes are broadcast LIVE but are also recorded for playback ON DEMAND which is usually available within 24-48 hours on the Zarolla site.

Will we be able to review the events at any time or more than once?

Workshops are available to view as many times you would like for the life of the site. Classes are available to view as many times as you like guaranteed for up to one year, though most of our classes stay on the site indefinitely.

Are the Q&A opportunities with instructors exchanged in a forum, live chat style, or e-mail?

The LIVE broadcast Q&A are exchanged via a live chat window. We are working on a forum for post broadcast questions and critiques.

Is it possible to go to specific sections of a class?

Yes, by clicking forward on the time line at the bottom of the video window.

I can’t get past a certain part of the video without endless buffering. What do I do?

Perform the following actions with your browser: clear the cache, clear cookies and restart.

I am concerned that I am starting in the middle, and I will miss some of the earlier lessons. Is there a particular start date, or should I sign up now?

Sign up anytime! You can watch all of the previously recorded classes at anytime and catch up before the LIVE broadcasts.

I noticed some of your workshops are three lessons or ten. If I signed up for three and really enjoyed them, could I then sign up for the rest?

Yes, absolutely! Watch three and you can upgrade to the full ten classes at a pro-rated price.

What is your refund policy?

Workshops: If a student opts out of the workshop or class prior to the live class starting, a refund will be issued minus a 5% transaction fee.

Classes: Due to the amount of content that is available the first day of a student’s membership to a class, we are not able to refund any portion of the fee if the student opts out of the program after their registration and payment is completed.